About Our Home Healthcare Team

Convenience You Can Count On

We offer Home Healthcare and Nursing Visits – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We care about you, your health, and what’s best for your family. We contract with many health insurance plans to try and get you the best coverage and keep your expenses minimal.

Call us or fill out our Contact Form today for your free, no obligation meeting with one of our professional home health care consultants. We're always looking to add more health care providers to our team. Click here to Apply Now!

Our staff of nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, PCAs, and Housekeepers are all appropriately licensed and specially trained to serve patients in their homes. They also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide healthcare services with the high standard of quality and commitment you and your family deserve.

Founded in Winona, Minnesota in 2008, Options Plus Home Care was started by a local nurse who wanted to help people remain at home, no matter what their home or healthcare needs were. Over the past several years, referrals and word of mouth have allowed us to expand our in-home healthcare team to hire and train a range of nursing and home care experts to meet a variety of client needs.

The Options Plus team has over 40 nursing and home care professionals serving a range of 50+ clients throughout Winona County and the surrounding areas each week. All our staff are properly trained, supervised by a registered nurse, and must pass a Minnesota Criminal Background Study! We’re always looking for passionate and professional health care providers. Please apply on our Employment page.

Our Team

Ian Zimmerman – COO

Ian Zimmerman – COO

Here at Options Plus I currently operate as the COO and project manager. I have been with the company for a few years now and am working towards expanding our business into different regions. Along with Options Plus I also serve as a 13 Bravo in the Minnesota Army National Guard. I run a tight ship and it shows in the quality of our employees and the work they do! Here at Options Plus Home Care we give our best every day to ensure our clients are receiving the best services possible!

Jenni Hemmelman – CEO

Jenni Hemmelman – CEO

I live right here in Winona, with my husband Jason and our 6 children. I have been in the heath care field since the year 2000. During that time, I have received my LPN degree, and began working towards my RN degree. I opened Options Plus Home Care in 2008 because I felt the people in our area weren’t getting the services they deserved. Here at Options Plus our goal is to provide the best services possible. My compassion and love for nursing is the reason I got into this business and it’s the reason I hold my employees to such a high standard.

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